Mezcal Real Minero

Real Minero is the brand of the Ángeles-family from Santa Catarina Minas. Being in fourth generation Mezcal-producers, father Don Lorenzo and son Eduardo work the distillery, while mother Doña Florentina is doing the bottling and daughter Graciela the marketing. The famous quality of the Mezcales Mineros comes from its distillation in earthenware pots, a tremendously laborious technique, which yields the most impressive spirits. Further peculiarities of Mineros are the use of different wild or cultivated agaves, which are distilled individually or composed in the mash. Often there are only 100 or 200 liters of these special batches produced. Genuine Mineros are surely among the best spirits in the world.

Don Lorenzo Ángeles Mendoza (with hat) und Eduardo Ángeles Carreño (left) in their family-owned distillery of Real Minero.
Graciela Ángeles Carreño and her father Don Lorenzo of Real Minero.
At Real Minero a wide range of wild agaves are processed, for example the tree-like Agave Agave karwinskii verarbeitet.
Open fermentation tanks from pine wood.
Sealing the helmet of a clay pot still.
Santa Catarina Minas