Mezcal Koch

This brand is produced by the Hernández family from San Baltazar Guelavila, it is named after the German botanist Karl Heinrich Koch. Cirilo and Pedro are distilling for Mezcal Koch, sons of Don Cosme Hernández, master distiller of Alipús San Baltazar. Koch is produced from wild as well as cultivated agaves and distilled in copper pot stills. Mezcales from San Baltazar are often distinguished by a  accentuated smokiness and herbal aromas.


We distribute Mezcal Koch exclusively in Germany.

Master Distillers Don Cosme Hernández and his son Cirilo.
Mezcal Koch
Doña Christina Hernández
Opening the earth pit oven.
Grinding of agaves by a stone mill.
San Baltazar Guelavila