Tequila Siembra Azul

This ist he brand of David Suro-Piñeda, produced at the Vivanco-Distillery (NOM 1414) in Arandas in the highlands of Jalisco. David is a restaurateur and lives in Philadelphia, besides he is the president of the Tequila Interchange Project. This non-profit-organisation dedicates its work to high standards in Tequila production as well as academic research on history, botany and chemistry of the distillate, which is a unique approach in the spirits business. With his products he sets standards regarding quality and transparancy. He has also founded the Siembra Azul Foundation, which funnels money from the sales of his Tequila to education and health programs for young migrants from Latin America to the US, who don´t have legal access to public welfare.


We distribute Siembra Azul exclusively in Europe.

Master distiller David Suro-Piñeda and master distiller Sergio Cruz.
Tequila Siembra Azul
The harvest-team (Jimadores) of Siembra Azul.
Harvesting agaves with the traditionel Coah.